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Drake and Stake Donates $1 Million to LeBron James’ Foundation!

This is the first announcement to come since Drake and Stake announced their partnership

The LeBron James Family Foundation received a huge $1 million bitcoin donation from rapper Drake and cryptocurrency betting platform, Stake. The Canadian-born artist made the vow to LeBron James where he hosted a dinner at the fancy Harbour 60 restaurant in his hometown of Toronto as the Los Angeles Lakers faced the Raptors. The generous donation will be made using Stake wins and will reportedly be Drake’s largest from the platform.

“Speaking of memorable nights, I had an incredible night last night playing roulette on It was my biggest hit ever,” Drake said.

“As you can see, I was clearly excited. Any time I get blessed like that, I always think it’s luck that needs to be transferred, or it’s good karma that needs to be transferred.

“ has always been about community. That extends beyond our players to the wider public too, especially those who will benefit the most from acts of generosity and love like that shown by Drake,” Stake co-founder Ed Craven said.

During the ceremony, he and James also invited Micheal, a local high school basketball player from Toronto, and his mother to join them for the special night. While exchanging pleasantries, James and Drake surprised the player’s mother with a huge $100,000 check. “I respect your hard work a lot,” he said to Micheal before pivoting to his mother. “But I respect your hard work more. On behalf of me, my brother and Stake, we wanted to give you this $100,000. Hopefully, this makes this journey just a little bit easier.”

                           Credit: NBAE via Getty Images
                                                          Source: SBNation
                                                          Credit: Getty Images
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Written by Jarrell Hollie


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