Josten Sanchez for Quality Man Magazine March 2020 Issue!

He was born and raised in Puerto Rico.

Where were you born and raised?  I was born and raised in Carolina, Puerto Rico.

How old are you? I am 26 years old.

What is your Occupation? I am a personal trainer.

Is it true that you have your own fitness gym? How did that come about? Yes, it’s true. I do have my own gym. Everything happened when I realize how busy I was getting with clients and wanted to provide a better facility for them; So I partnered up with my friend and business partner, Erick Brookman, and we made it happen.

As you know, the fitness industry can be very competitive. What qualities makes you stand out as a personal trainer? I agree, this is a very competitive field; which is one of the things I like because it allows me to stay on my “A” game at all times. What makes me stand out? Very easy– I truly care about every individual that comes into my facility; I show them that every day.

What is your meal-prep process like?  I meal prep every Sunday for the entire week because my weeks are very busy all the time. I eat 6 meals per day and all of them are measured to my needs and goals.

How do you best respond to negativity on social media? I don’t pay attention to that; I just ignore and keep moving with my day. 

Do you have any kids?  I have a handsome 2 year old son and his name is Zion.

When you go out to the mall, what’s normally in your shopping bag? Honestly, I only go shopping when I’m heading to an event or stepping out at night; other than that you won’t really see me at the mall.

How often do you work out? I workout 4-6 times per week; Sometimes twice in one day.

Do you sleep naked or in briefs?  I sleep usually in briefs LOL.

Are you single?  I am single.

What is the first thing you do before sex? Before sex, I make sure I smell good, and everything all over my body is clean.

Do you believe in marriage? I do believe in marriage.

Describe your ideal perfect date?  I like simple things, my ideal date would be going to a lounge with live music (Jazz or classical) have drinks and chat.

How was your first professional photoshoot experience? My first photoshoot experience was extremely fun. I learned a lot of things that really helped me built more confidence in my look.

Any advice you would give to a young entreprenuer? My advice to a young entrepreneur is to ALWAYS believe in your ideas. Stay true, be patient  and have a million dollar work ethic.

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