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Male Model Joshua A. Smith Covers Quality Man’s October 2020 Issue!

He’s A Father, Fitness Model, and Entrepreneur.

  1. Name: Joshua A. Smith
  2. Where were you born? I was born and raised in New Orleans.
  3. What is your Occupation? I am a full time Fitness Model and Entrepreneur.
  4. In your opinion, what are 2 ways to have safe sex during this pandemic? Okay, so in my opinion, 2 ways I believe to have protected sex during this pandemic is: First, both parties have to immediately get tested for the coronavirus to make sure nobody harm each other. Second, I believe both parties should be wearing a mask and have on protection during intercourse at all times; Also, NO oral sex!
  5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? In 5 years, I see myself being a big time entrepreneur, expanding my businesses into real estate and also owning an amazing fleet of delivery vans.
  6. What is the bravest thing you have ever done? The bravest thing I’ve ever done was save a little child that was drowning at someone’s house. Crazy part is, the child’s family was around the pool area, but had no idea the child was even drowning.
  7. What is the biggest challenge you had to overcome? The biggest challenge I had to overcome was actually modeling nude. Although it was a huge challenge for me, I really respected the photographers work. His body of work was truly tasteful and artisitc, and I was comfortable enough to show off what I really worked so hard for in the gym 7 days a week.
  8. Three things that people may be surprised to learn about you? 1). I am a very cool and down to earth guy. 2). I am very shy LOL 3). I really love to dance and have fun!
  9. Whats your secret workout regiment to a stunning physique? My Secret workout regiment is when I target my Core. I mainly focus on my lower abdominal, mid abdominal, and Obliques– all on separate days.
  10. Boxers or briefs? To be honest, I prefer briefs only because they sit better on the body and you can wear a variety of different clothes and be comfortable.
  11. Are you good cook? If so, what’s your favorite dish? I like to think I’m a very good cook. I mean, you know, being from NewOrleans, I learned how to cook quite well. My favorite dish has to be the loaded potatoes with shrimp and steak– OMG YUMMY!!!
  12. What’s your favorite hobby? My favorite hobby is playing football; Of course
    I can’t play the real thing, so I settle for flag football on Sundays in my Atlanta league.
  13. What are 4 words that best describes you? Spectacular, Loyal, Strong, Humbled.
  14. What does friendship mean to you? Friendship to me means loyalty and genuine. Someone who is your friend should be someone who has your back in whatever situation you’re in; and you should have their back as well. Friendship to me is like an unbreakable lifetime bond!
  15. Do you prefer KISS, SEX or NONE on the first date? On the first date, I prefer neither a kiss or sex because that will determine the friendship and how serious a person is as far as getting to know someone. Personally, I feel like if you can wait for the small things, then you sure can wait on the big things especially when you’re trying to get to know someone. I mean, a kiss on the cheek won’t hurt LOL but NO sex!
  16. Craziest place you made love? LOL Aw man. Ok, the craziest place was outside on Bourbon St in New Orleans between an alley. Don’t judge me LOL
  17. What turns you On about a woman? What turns me on about a woman is when she can just be herself and not worry about trying to show out and be something she’s not. I love a natural beautiful woman that don’t always need to put on makeup or have her hair done all the time to please me; just be yourself.
  18. Favorite place to travel? My favorite place to travel hands down has to be Jamaica. I simply love the culture and the weather over there is super amazing. I also love the way they party and dance.
  19. Do you plan on having kids? I have 2 kids of my own that the lord has blessed me with, and I don’t mind having at atleast one more with my future wife.
  20. What’s the craziest DM you’ve ever received on Instagram or Tik Tok? The craziest DM I’ve ever received was a woman asking me to come to
    her hotel room, with 3 of her girlfriends, and have a 4some. That has to be the one I remember of all time LOL.
  21. Where are you the happiest and why? The places where I’m the most happiest is when I’m working out and when I’m around a big body of water just thinking and clearing my mind.
  22. Last place you traveled to? Last places I traveled to was the Cayman island and I really love the culture and clear water ways.
  23. Favorite movie of all time? My favorite movie of all time has to be the Titanic, because that movie always has me in tears every time I watch it.
  24. Any advice to aspiring models? The advice I have for aspiring models is to never give up on your career and don’t be scared to take chances. Modeling comes with a lot of different endeavors so follow your heart and never get discouraged because you think someone looks better than you. At the end of the day, God created us all different in our own way.

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Image by: Marvin Bienaime
Image by: Marvin Bienaime
Image by: Marvin Bienaime
Photography by: Marvin Bienaime

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