Tik Tok Star Phillip Paul For Quality Man Sept 2020 Issue!

This Florida Native Is Also Of Haitian Descent.

Phillip Paul, 26, was born and raised in Broward County Florida where the sun shines and the tress wine. He is currently a full-time essential worker in the healthcare industry while preparing to work his way up to a new world of entrepreneurship. Phillip became an overnight sensation on the popular social media app Tik Tok after posting a 15sec steamy video garnering over 250k views in one day. Five years from now, Phillip desires to become an owner of multiple black businesses that are family oriented and well-respected within any given community. One of Phillip’s bravest moments in life was simultaneously learning to chase his dreams and putting himself first while being raised in a very strict household limiting his ability to explore life. According to Phillip, his biggest challenge growing up was overcoming his body weight after being bullied by his closest family members and friends. To resolve this issue, he joined a neighborhood gym where he created new workout plans and regiments allowing him to effectively build a stronger mindset, body, higher ambitions, and overall better productivity level. For daily comfort, Phillip chooses to wear boxers over briefs because from experience he feels they are more breathable. His favorite dish to cook would be Italian Ramen Noodles. His favorite hobby is writing music because it helps build his vocabulary and acts as a form of mediation where he goes to express his true feelings. Four words that would best describe Phillip are funny, athletic, kind, and mature. What turns Phillip on about a woman is her mindset. Nothing is more attractive to him than a woman who knows her value and what she wants in life. The craziest inbox message he received on social media has to be a plethora of explicit photos and videos without any introduction. His favorite movie of all time is Step Brothers. One advice he would give to an aspiring model is to never give up. He was once in a position where he visited every model agency there is and got turned down by all. Although it lead to his decrease in ambition, he learned that rejection only makes you stronger and another door will always open for you. Consistency is Key!

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